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Harry Potter Drabble Challenge

Drabble-Heads, Unite

Harry Potter Fanfiction Drabble Community
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hpfandomdrabble is a community designed to encourage HP fanfiction writers to stretch their creative legs by writing drabbles based on challenges handed to them by moderators and other writers. Drabbles are very short stories, ranging from 100-1000 words, as set by the moderators.

In short, the challenges work as follows:

1. The moderators will set up a general challenge concept- things like character development, plot development, etc. There will be times when there will be some specifics- Hermione Character Development, working on a scary momen;, using a particular writing style to evoke certain emotions- but generally, the challenges are broad.

2. Members will post in the journal, stating the limitations of their challenge. People will respond accordingly, but if you request a challenge from them, then you are obligated to write one for them as well, so don't go overboard.

3. From time to time, the moderators will give a very specific challenge, geared towards working a particular issue into general knowledge. These challenges will conincide with normal ones.

4. When a drabble is finished, the author posts again, with a link to their story within the journal.

Drabbles shouldn't be beta'ed; the purpose of the community is to work with raw skills and helping you improve from there. You're not writing to publish the story; you're writing to get better at your literary skills in general. Just type it up, spell-check it if you wish, and post it. We all learn from our mistakes.

Moderators: skseven, profoundly_grey

Questions should be forwarded to inanna.BREATHES@gmail.com.